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Enrico Contarini (died 15 November 1108) was an Venetian priest who was Bishop of Castello from 1074 to 1108.Enrico Contarini was the son of the Doge Domenico Contarini.He was appointed Bishop of Olivolo or Rialto in 1074.That year the Bishop of Olivolo began to be styled the Bishop of Castello.Enrico Contarini was the first to hold this title.The Doge Vitale Michiel (1096-1112) held back from participating in the First Crusade until he saw the amount of loot that the Genoese and Pisans were bringing back from Palestine.In 1099 Enrico Contarini was the spiritual leader of the fleet of about 200 ships that Michiel sent to assist in the crusade in the Levant.


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